Funny Pages – Dangers of the IRL Wild

Get in line for the ride of T-pain’s life.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Mary-Kate survivals in the wild, T-pain navigates the treacherous mall and game of thrones viewing parties to sausage parties, it’s a wild world of world wide web videos.


Dailymotion  – Akon Calls T-Pain – Olde English Comedy (link)

Aw snap dawg, you got your butter nut in my swagger.


Break  – The Sausage Knight Rises Trailer (link)

The Sausage Party is ready to let it’s dark knight rise!


Podpocalypse – The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction (link)

This may start slow, but it’s got some really funny moments in it, even if you don’t like One Direction (which I don’t).


College Humor – Very Mary-Kate Summer House (link)

Mary Kate learns the most valuable of lessons. A lamp can be a friend!


Dorkly – Best Friends! VideoGame Club: SplitScreen (link)

The BF Gang go out with a bang!


Funny Or Die – KFOD Local News: Game of Thrones (link)

Eh. Once again living up to their name… Or Die. Although Jennie Pierson in the newsroom is pretty funny.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and butter your nut squash. Wait, what?

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