AFL Supercoach Round 10 Advisory Guide

Get ahead before the bye rounds with a few players at bargain prices.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Supercoach Round 10 kicks off in a couple of days and it isn’t getting any easier with the bye rounds starting Round 11. Please keep that in mind folks as it'll be hard to navigate around the inevitable donuts.

Some possible and probable big name returns this week include: Taylor Walker, Chris Yarren, Allen Christensen, Hamish McIntosh, Sam Fisher and maybe even Shane Mumford. Fingers crossed.

You may be on the search for a bargain heading into the bye rounds that could possibly be the hidden gem that turns your season around, or maybe just for a bit of added depth. Here are a few guys that jump out.

West Coast’s Matt Rosa is at a very reasonable $443,000 even after pumping out a massive 158 in the derby last weekend. His breakeven (BE) is 19 indicating his price will be on the rise in the near future. He benefits from the form of the blokes around him, but has been relatively consistent in 2012. He’s averaging 94 with a 119 and a couple of 90s thrown in there, but has also scored low with a 73 and a 47. Know that this has been his most productive SC season since his debut in 2005 and be weary. Rosa could be a reactive pickup for a few owners who creamed over his Ross Glenndenning medal over the weekend but he nevertheless has the potential to save a season. He's a bloody good bloke too.

You couldn’t trust him last year but Mitch Robinson may have turned the corner in ’12. Yes, he’s had his duds: in Rounds 1 and 8 he produced a 54 and 47 respectively, but he is averaging 96 at just $472,300.  Robinson already has three scores over 120 and is actually playing an important role as a tough, head over the ball guy for a soft Blues side.

The No.1 scoring player from Round 9, Dayne Beams will cost you $546,800 and is on the rise. He, along with Sidebottom, have been the depth that has saved the Collingwood season and as a bonus he has produced just one score under 98 (an 80) since the Ball injury. Sidebottom is the optimal choice but his price may mean Beams could be just as good of a pickup if you're strapped for cash.

Picking Danyle Pearce could be a defining move this year. The little fellow has pumped out a 158 and a 142 in his last two after a very underwhelming start to the season and is valued at $477,400. BE -8 means he’s on the rise big time.

Other steals include Matthew Pavlich who has now dropped under $500,000, Dale Thomas scored 134 on the weekend and is very reasonable at  $484,100 and Jack Steven could see some big numbers ahead. He’s still under $500k and has been very consistent- he’s produced three tons with everything else being between 84 and 98.

Finally, some food for thought, Michael Johnson may not be getting much consideration but he’s having a bounce back year not just for the Dockers, but in Supercoach terms too. Just one dud game of 58 in Round 5, everything else has been above 90 and costs just $470,500. The big concern is that he’s never averaged more than 87 and that came in his second season in 2006.

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