Welcome To Ugly University

10 videos from the Professor of Ugly.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

“Professor U” is a YouTube vlogger on a mission. He claims he wants to “educate all humans and dogs about how ugly people add value to communities in all countries of the world.” Considering that this professor’s channel has over 3 million views, I’d say he’s doing a good job getting the word out. Here are 10 videos from Ugly University:


Ugly Face Guy is Mad

Mad with ugliness power!


Ugly Yet Beautiful

It’s… uhm… true?


The Ugly Mexican

¡Larga vida a los mexicanos feos!


Happy Valentine’s Day

The only “eCard” you’ll ever need.


Ugly Birthday Suit

It’s “The Full Ugly.”


Ugly Ginger

He has a soul, it’s just really ugly.


Demonic Possession

Beware the stamp.


Hitler Nose Hairs

Heil Tweezers!


Taking Off My Morning Face

The “nays” have it.


Dubstep Ugly

Finally, ugly you can dance to.


Bonus: The Ugly Bunch

TV executives, let’s make this happen.


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