Matt Berry: “I’m A One Track Lover” and Other Hits

One of the trippiest and funniest comedians you'll ever see...or listen to...or experience.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

A British comedian, Matt Berry has made a career out of playing the keyboard and delivering ridiculous lines so sincerely as to make your head pop. For me, I first experienced him on Gath Marenghi's Darkplace as a suave, masogonistic, alcholic doctor:



Darkplace was a parody of Steven King-like horror tropes, executed like a late 70's early 80's medical drama. But poorly. Below, is a segment from the show that has become legendary, as Berry's character, Dr. Sanchez, fails to grab the attention of a lady:



Matt Berry's musical talent doesn't stop there! Just watch what he does in this forty-eight second sketch with a keyboard:



Berry also featured prominently on the 2006 BBC comedy show, Snuff Box, with co-creator Rich Fulcher. One of the funniest bits again involves him being squelched by a woman. Oh, the below is totally NSFW so don't watch it at work! Redundancy!



Matt currently tours around England playing shows with his band The Maypoles, and while his current mainstream show appearances might be spotty at best he is still a comedian to be on the lookout for!


If you have had a hard time reading, or watching, this article, I implore you to put on your headphones, set aside 10 minutes, and let Matt Berry relax you. Seriously, only listen to this at home. With the lights off. Privately.




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