Josh Trank Will Direct Shadow of the Colossus

The director of Chronicle will bring the critically-acclaimed Playstation video game to the big screen. 

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Josh Trank such made a colossal impression on Hollywood with this year's "found footage" superhero film Chronicle that he's been given a literally colossal film as a follow up. Trank has been tapped by Sony to adapt the hit video game Shadow of the Colossus to theaters as a live-action feature film. It's the third high-profile project Josh Trank has been attached to since Chronicle came out in February 2012. He's slated to direct the comic book adaptations of Venom and The Red Star, and is rumored to be in the running to direct a Fantastic Four movie reboot for Fox.

As such, it might be a while before Trank gets to Shadow of the Colossus, a production which Deadline reports is currently looking for a new screenwriter. The long-rumored adaptation had previously attached Justin Marks to adapt the video game, but he appears to be off the project. Since Marks' only produced feature film credit to date is the execrable Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, video game enthusiasts are likely to consider that a "win." 

For those who haven't played Shadow of the Colossus… put down whatever you're doing and play it. It's exceptional. But it's also a tricky game to adapt into a motion picture. The story has pretty much only one human character, and he never talks. A young man named Wander travels to a distant temple in the hopes of resurrecting a girl named Mono, who was ritualistically sacrificed. He's told that he can bring Mono back to life by tracking down and killing a series of gigantic beasts, but at a dark, mysterious cost. The game is thin on plot and big on spectacle, as it basically boils down to a string of amazing boss fights with a lot of quiet exploration in between.

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