Detroit Receiver Barred From Practice

This potential star is paying the price for losing his self control.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's one thing to be a heated, competitive individual, but there is a point when that goes from being a good thing to being a detriment to your team. Wideout Titus Young of the Detroit Lions, a second year man out of Boise State, crossed that line when he punched a teammate, and now he's paying the price for it by being banned from practice.

It is being reported that Young is banned from the voluntary OTA's until further notice by the Detroit Lions for punching safety Louis Delmas during last week's voluntary workouts. To make matters even worse, Young didn't even straight out punch Delmas; he waited until the safety wasn't looking before sucker punching him.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz refused to comment on the situation due to the Lions still being in the voluntary part of their offseason conditioning.

"This is the voluntary part of our offseason program," head coach Jim Schwartz said after Monday's practice. "There is no need to comment. It sort of entails that it is not voluntary. I'm not going to comment on any other thing."

For Young, this is just one more incident in a long line for the troubled young receiver. Though productive when on the field (Young caught 48 passes for 607 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie), Young has repeatedly been dogged by his own misfortunes; especially when he was at Boise St.

As the Associated Press put it in 2010 "Titus Young was once so deep in [Boise State head coach] Chris Petersen's doghouse that just seeing the football field again was going to be an accomplishment."

The only plus for Young is that he has managed to climb back out of situations like this and become even more productive, using them as motivation to improve himself and his game.

"I'll take a setback as a setup for a comeback," Young told the AP in 2010. "I learned from my mistakes and it's unfortunate I wasn't on the field for that time, but I still have the opportunity to play right now and I'm looking forward to the future. That was the past, just keep on building, keep on playing, keep on practicing."

It's evident that Young still has a long way to go to control an obvious temper and need to lash out, but those things aside, it's also obvious that he has the skills to succeed in the NFL; and that's enough to get you some wiggle room as far as attitude goes.

Wiggle room, however, only extends so far. So here's hoping Young learned his lesson after this latest fiasco and can get back to playing football.
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