Tekken Movie Prequel Hires Awesome Director

The man who brought you Ong-Bak and The Protector is all set to bring the popular fighting game to life. Maybe it'll be good this time.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Despite ample build up, the Tekken live-action movie wound up going straight to video and completely slipping the minds of practically everyone who saw it. Not quite bad enough to warrant comparison to Double Dragon, Street Fighter: The Movie or Super Mario Bros., but not quite good enough to stand up to Silent Hill or Resident Evil (as sad as that is), the film by Marked for Death director Dwight H. Little was little more a diversion.The Tekken prequel could be something entirely different, if the director Crystal Sky has lined up is any indication.

Crystal Sky has hired Thai director Prachya Pinkaew to film Tekken: Rise of the Tournament, according to CEO Steven Paul. Hollywood Reporter reported on the announcement from Cannes. Pinkaew is well known in the United States for his collaborations with martial artist Tony Jaa, Ong-Bak: The Muay Thai Warrior and The Protector, which yielded such incredible action sequences as the following. It's easy to see why his involvement in an otherwise "iffy" property is a little exciting.

As for the adaptation of the hit Namco video game, which didn't go so well last time, all Paul would say is that this new version wouldn't focus on movie stars, but would instead cast individuals who actually look like their counterparts in the franchise. Presumably this would free Pinkaew to fill his picture with martial artists, but it's too early to tell. The previous adaptation of Tekken took place in a future ruled by corporations, in which a fighting tournament was used to placate the masses.

CraveOnline will be back with more Tekken: Rise of the Tournament news after we fix up our Yoshimitsu cosplay outfit.