AMC Announces Return Dates For ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘Hell on Wheels’

The network also confirms that the last chapter of Walter White's story will extend into 2013.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In just under two months, Bryan Cranston's Walter White will be back on AMC for the final season of "Breaking Bad."

Earlier today, the network formally announced that "Breaking Bad" season five will kick off on Sunday, July 15 for the first of eight episodes. Additionally, AMC confirmed that the final season of "Breaking Bad" will be split over a calendar year, with the remaining eight episodes of season five slated to run in the summer of 2013.

Potentially, this move will allow AMC more time to bask in the critical acclaim of one of its best series and possibly qualify for two Emmy Awards seasons; where Cranston has already picked up three awards as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama while Aaron Paul has also won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman, Walter's partner.

AMC has revealed that "Hell on Wheels" will debut its second season on Sunday, August 12; which is much earlier than its November premiere for its first season. Anson Mount stars as Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier out for vengeance against the last man who murdered his family. At the end of the first season Bohannon abandoned his job as foreman overseeing the construction of the Transcontinental railroad and went on the run after murdering a man he mistakenly believed to have killed his wife.

"Hell on Wheels" season 2 will run for ten episodes.

AMC's other signature original series, "The Walking Dead" is expected to return in October.