10 Skateboarding Cats

Feline to the X-Treme!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Last week, we met 10 skateboarding dogs. Some say that cats rule and dogs drool, but not in the world of skateboarding. If there was a cats vs. dogs X-Games competition, the pups would wipe the floor with these felines. Still, these cats deserve all kinds of style points, cuddles and plenty of nip. Here are 10 skateboarding cats:


Skateboarding Cat

Now do a Jesus Flip!


Pretzel the Skateboarding Cat

He’s been named “The World’s Fattest Skateboarding Cat,” which is awesome?


Reverse Skateboarding Cat

He’s so comfortable skateboarding, he’s lying down.


Mick the Skateboarding Cat

Watch out for that – ooooh – wall.


Bacon the Skateboarding Cat

Or rather, Bacon the Half-Way Skateboarding Cat


Two Skateboarding Cats

The Dynamic Cute-O


Mixy the Skateboarding Cat

Cool scarf, yo.


Nervous Skateboarding Cat

Starts @ 3:33 – I’d be nervous if this weird guy was my owner.


“Skateboarding” Kitten

Bad skateboarding, adorable kitten. Good enough!


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