Tosh Fans Surface At Dodger Stadium

Tosh fans in bright orange shresses show up at Dodger stadium over the weekend.

Nathan Hemleyby Nathan Hemley

Saturday night I headed to Dodger stadium to watch the 1st place Los Angeles Dodgers take on the defending World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Dodgers won, but that's beside the point. 

If you haven't been to a Dodger game before, I can tell you now that there's always quite a mix of different characters within the stadium.  And outside the stadium for that matter. 

This brings me once again to the recent Daniel Tosh craziness.  As I was walking up to the stadium I saw a few guys in line up in front of me a ways, and the security guards were confiscating signs from them.  First of all, I don't understand why signs aren't allowed into Dodger Stadium.  I think it's dumb.  It's a sporting event, signs come with the territory.  Anyway, once I was in I tried to find them in the stadium.  It wasn't very hard because they were dressed like this:

As you can see I found them…

I told a buddy of mine in New York about these guys and he sent a picture that he had seen online of similar people at Yankee Stadium.  Apparently the word is spreading.

As for the guys in Los Angeles, I asked them what their signs were all about and they started rambling on about "5.29" and "follow Tosh" and a myriad of other fanatical rants that they claimed were "doctrine".  I know I used the word rants, but they were in no way angry or maniacal.  They seemed at peace in some weird way.

After I took their picture they asked if I wanted to go join the Tosh 5.29 movement and announce me devotion to Daniel to the world.  I told them I was a Tosh fan but that devotion may be a little out of my league…  I have to admit I was intrigued but I was still a little weirded out by the whole thing.

I've seen enough to know that I'm going to start looking into this for real and see if I can find out more information about the whole "Tosh 5.29" craziness.

I'll check back in soon.


Photo Credit: Awesomeness…