9 Kickass Tenacious D Music Videos

Rize for these rockin’ vids!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Hail Satan! (Hail Satan!) The Fenix has finally rizen, so to celebrate this momentous occasion, it’s time stuff your head full of badass rock tunes from The Greatest Band of All-Time: Tenacious D! From the classics of their self-titled debut to the new videos from their latest masterpiece Rize of the Fenix, let’s rock along with Jack Black and Kyle Gass:



How did they not cast Jables and Rage Kage in The Hobbit?



I believe you, JB!


F*** Her Gently

Gentleness rocks.


Pick of Destiny

This movie’s destiny was to bomb at the box office.



Meat Loaf is not a proponent of party zones.


To Be The Best

Kyle’s… not looking so good these days.


Rize of the Fenix

I want to play this video game so bad.



Was Sebastian ever a baseball player? He seems familiar…


Low Hangin’ Fruit

The D knows how to toss a fruit salad – rock style!


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