Funny Pages – Pranks and Fails

Lions and Pranks and Fails – Oh My!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Back from the weekend we hit it off with a bunch of pranks and fail videos, hitting the front page of some of the internets biggest comedy/video sites. Oh and Joh n as Lex Luther… my that’s a real good Mad Men!


Dailymotion  – Runners Hit Head On Invisible Beam Prank (link)

This seems to be one of the more unbelievable prank concepts. But people are asked to help time runners, who apparently have an invisible road block bon king their heads.


Break  – Everyday I'm Strugglin (link)

Here’s a seven minute video compilation of some of the best moments in human evolution and the winners that win at it.



Podpocalypse – Mass Effect 3 Song! Parody of Breathe Carolina “Blackout” (link)

The Screen Team returns with this parody song that will make you bust out.. ether laughing or out of your spandex space suit. It’s deabetble.


College Humor – Soda Prank (link)

This is pure win, pure D!ck in Sprite win.


Funny Or Die – "Lex Luthor Bailout" with Jon Hamm (link)

John Hamm may actually be the most perfect Lex Luther ever, though that bald cap is the worst thing ever.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your mad men on.

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Here’s some bonus fun: