Quirky Infomercials 6

More odd pitches of infomercial products with disastrous production value.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

In this latest rendition of Quirky Infomercials, we study atrocious acting, 1980's style products, and a penchant for the weird.

Listen Up!

Advertising a personal sound amplifier, this infomercial is faux pas on so many levels. A whining country club lady and a park goer sound amplifying piped in nature sounds on her sound amplifier is less freaky than the Russian gym spy at 0:55 eavesdropping on two gals. All for the incredible price of $14.99!

Easy Feet

The first ten seconds features a naked man scrubbing his feet with a towel. The remaining two minutes is an endless barrage of cut sequences of toes scrubbing back and forth against the Easy Feet product. An older lady's reference to "bending over" in the shower at 0:49 and a second man sniffing his shoes take the cake!

Magic Poop Collector

Zoom in close up shots of the Poo Trap tied to a dog's behind consists of 30% of this commercial. The remaining 70% is poop scooping galore and the awful slogan "no poops, no oops."


Photo Credit: Shutterstock/James Steidl