Crazy CEOs On Camera

[VIDEOS] Let billionaires teach you Yoga positions in their underwear

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Business has no shortage of quirky CEOs. From paying leprechauns to trounce around the office to dangerous outbursts, these CEOs have captured America's heart as zany executives with a weird streak.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason

This 30-year-old wunderkind rebuffed a $6 billion offer from Google in 2010, bringing a shirt storm of past weird accomplishments. He has trained yoga in a Youtube video wearing only underwear, rebuffed Matt Lauer's questions about Google's offer with childhood stories, and famously death stared down TV host Kara Swisher for more than 20 seconds for asking him about …. Google's offer. Whether its an inability to answer tough questions or simply an act, Andrew Mason has captured Americaw ith his quirky antics.

Watch: Training yoga in underwear!

Virgin CEO Richard Branson

Founder of more than 300 companies from record stores to airlines, Richard Branson loves to kite surf with nude models with his girlfriend taking pictures and jumps off a building to promote airline routes.