Man Ejected for Returning Home Run Ball

Where this D'backs fan paid the price for not wanting to keep a home run ball.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

You know all those ESPN clips of people throwing home run balls back onto the field? Yeah, well, don't do that in Colorado or you will be ejected from the game.

Joshua Pickett, an Arizona Diamondback fan, found that out first hand on Thursday when he was attending the Rockies-Diamondback game. It was the fifth inning and play had just resumed after having to be stopped because a swarm of bees invaded the field. The Rockies' Jordan Pacheco homered into the left field bleachers, where Pickett caught the ball.

Pickett then did what he's seen done many, many times on TV — he threw the ball back onto the field.

Shortly after though, he was approached by Colorado law enforcement, who used false pretense (i.e. they lied) to get him out of the stands where they promptly kicked him out of the game.

"The guy told me I had a prize, then told me I'm getting thrown out," Pickett told FOX Sports Arizona who was broadcasting the game.

A diehard Arizona fan, hence why he threw the ball back, Pickett wasn't too discouraged by this incident, shrugging it off under the proverbial 'crap happens', even if he doesn't agree with the ejection.

"I didn't think I did anything wrong.” Pickett said. “I've seen it all the time. Flew in for one day, fly back out tomorrow. It's all good."

Though the game ended earlier than expected for Pickett, and in a way that isn't very right, some good did come of it. The Diamondbacks' TV announcers, Greg Schulte and Mark Grace said on-air they would reward Pickett with tickets to an Arizona home game for his trouble.

No comment was made on whether Pickett would be throwing any more home run balls during the game, though you can bet if he catches one hit by the Diamondbacks, that ball won't be hitting the field again!

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