Historectomy 37 Animals In Spaaaace!

One small step for man...multiple deaths for pet-kind.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


Our most giggly, madcap episode yet. Christian and Sam canter with malicious glee about the history of animal experimentation in space. Yes, PETA, we might’ve called you out on our podcast before, but seriously, these experiments are f’ed up, so don't launch pets into space okay world? Also, no animals were harmed in the recording of this podcast.



Also in this episode: How the doppler effect sounds with screaming animals, Christian picks apart what makes a joke, names for “experimental animals” at 4:22 Sam says “I will f***ing kill you” but to whom?!, when you get closer to the sun it feels different, how many monkeys does NASA have to kill until they develop a parachute for them?, listen to our remix of Summer Lovin’ sung about the space race, and how to make blowing things up in space more fun!

Seriously guys, no cruelty to animals, okay? …we can't afford more monkeys anyway.