‘Doctor Who’ Actress Karen Gillan Wants To Guest Star on ‘Community’

The soon-to-be-former Amy Pond would like to join Inspector Spacetime, the in-show parody of the long-running BBC series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

At the beginning of its fourth season, "Community" unveiled "Inspector Spacetime," a show-within-a-show that was a blatant riff on "Doctor Who," with Travis Richey as the title character, Inspector Spacetime. And as "Inspector Spacetime" quickly became Troy and Abed's favorite show, it has also earned a cult following among "Community" and "Doctor Who" fans; including Karen Gillan, the actress who has portrayed Amy Pond on the last two seasons of "Doctor Who."

During an interview with BBC, Gillan said "I wasn't familiar with ['Community'] until recently when my flatmates said 'do you realize there's a 'Doctor Who' spoof in a show over in the states?' So we sat down and I watched one of the episodes and got hooked. And now I really, really love 'Community.'"

"I love Inspector Spacetime," continued Gillan. "It's so funny because that's what we do at work everyday! And then to see it over in the states in spoof form is kind of brilliant."

Although Gillan will depart "Doctor Who" during the upcoming seventh season, she expressed her willingness to make an appearance on "Community" to parody her iconic character.

"Hey 'Community,' I just want to say that anytime you may need an Amy Pond on Inspector Spacetime, just let me know," offered Gillan.

"Community" was recently renewed for a fourth season of 13 episodes by NBC. As for "Doctor Who," the seventh season is expected to begin airing in either August or September.

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