The Top Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parodies

Engage bat-list! Holy viral video batman!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

With the Avengers fresh out of the gate and taking all our monies, people are turning to the Dark Knight rises to see if a challenger will arise and take down the marvel behemoth, but while we wait people parody!



The 99% are taking over Africa, and only Simba can stand against them!


Community Season 3

This is pretty dead on to the original trailer and everything you would want to see from Community in a Dark Knight parody trailer.


Dark Knight “Rises” – XXX Parody

All these dark knight rises puns are the bane of my existance!


The Dark Alfred Rises

Evil hits close to home.


Brokeback Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parody

Short, Sweet and Obama approved.


Taiwan's NMA Animation Studio's Dark Knight Rises Spoof

Amazingly bizarre.


The Dark Knight Rises Official TRAILER CATS – Christian Bale, Batman (2012) HD

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough for you…. Trailer cats!

In a trailer where everyone’s a cat, catwoman is a dog… so sad.


The Dark Knight Rises –Flashback films

As if it wasn’t hard enough to understand batman, and Bane…. Now this.


And finally…

Arrested Development Rises

Noooo, the banana Stand!


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