7 Videos of Mario Kart in Real Life

It’s-a real Mario Kart!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

On your marks, get set, put on your Mario costume and go! These YouTube video makers all decided to bring the classic Nintendo racing game series Mario Kart to life, but in radically different ways. So put on your safety belt, keep your eyes peeled for banana peels and watch these 7 videos of Mario Kart in real life:


Mario Kart: The Movie

Toad’s a total dick.


Remi Kart

One big difference between the video game and this real life version – cops!


Mario Go-Kart

Clouds with eyes are actually very creepy.



MIT is full of geniuses, lacks turtle shells.


Mario Kart Parade

There’s no better way to celebrate Mario Kart Day.


Mario Tricycling

Also called, “Mario Kart: Dick-Around Racing”


Remi Kart 2

Banana peels are way less effective in real life.


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