5 Great Movies Re-Imagined as 80’s TV

Discover what could have been a hit TV show with Tom Selleck!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Much like today, studios are always looking for ways to make a few more extra bucks out of a huge movie. You think these studios can eat out on Toy profits alone? No way, Jose. They need to suckle that cash cow teat for every delicious bit of milk money! One of the ways of doing that is by turning your hit movie into a TV SHOW. (Buffy, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, ALF)

We here at CRAVE have found some awesome MOVIE/TV SHOW MASH-UPS for your viewing pleasure. Take a look!


1. Star Wars meets Baywatch.

A shocking lack of breasts. 


2. MacGyver vs. Marty McFly

MacGyver didn't use guns, but he would sleep with his own mom. 


3. Ghostbusters meets The Professionals.

There is no Dana, only bad rhythm guitar.


4. The A-Team meets Star Wars.

Who would win in a fight? Mr. T or Sebulba?


5. Dallas meets Dr. Who.

Okay, we know "Dallas" isn't a movie, but this one was too good to pass up.


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