SUPERNATURAL 7.22 ‘There Will Be Blood’

Sam and Dean track down the Alpha Vampire and Crowley to defeat the Leviathans, but Dick Roman is several steps ahead.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "There Will Be Blood"

Writers: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin

Director: Guy Bee

Previously on "Supernatural":

Episode 7.21: "Reading Is Fundamental"


On TV yet again, Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) is interviewed by Gloria Jane (Aliyah O'Brien) about his company's purchase of SucroCorp, one of the main suppliers of corn syrup which Dick sells to the public as a way to make Americans fitter and taste better… before Gloria openly assumes that Dick meant the food will taste better. Afterwards, Dick orders one of his minions to replace Gloria and prepare her for dinner before interrogating his captive prophet, Kevin Tran (Osric Chau). Kevin resists Dick's attempt to bribe him with a recommendation to Princeton, but he agrees to translate the stone tablet when Edgar (Benito Martinez) shows him a live feed of a Leviathan holding a knife to the throat of his mother, Mrs. Tran (Lissa Neptuno).

Back at Rufus' cabin, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) pour over Kevin's previous tablet translation to figure out what they need to kill Dick Roman. The ghost of Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) appears to Dean and looks extremely pale as he relates the two final ingredients: the blood of Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and the blood of an Alpha. Bobby is also noticeably quicker to anger than before. Dean tries to downplay Bobby's anger before the Winchesters summon Crowley. They fill him in on the plan and Crowley agrees to give them his blood… after they've assembled the rest of what they need.

Crowley also tells the Winchesters that the Alpha Vampire (Rick Worthy) has survived and is hiding out in North Dakota. As the brothers shop for traveling food, they notice that all of the customers in a convenience store are in a daze like the turducken victims several episodes back. Realizing that Dick's corn syrup is causing this everywhere, Sam forces Dean to buy fruits and vegetables so they can remain unaffected. The Winchesters and Bobby soon arrive at the Alpha's safe house and find three dead vampires inside who look like they drank battery acid. They also find a young girl named Emily (Laci J Mailey), who tells them that she was abducted years ago by the Alpha because having virgin blood is a luxury for him.

Emily also relates that the dead vampires cared for her until they bit three human victims who were almost too easy to hunt. The fourth vampire is away and hunting animals, but Emily offers to help Sam and Dean find the Alpha. Sometime later, Edgar comes across the returning fourth vampire and reads his mind to get the Alpha's location before killing him. Outside of another convenience store, Sam and Dean realize that the blood of a corn syrup infected human might be a very effective weapon against the vampires, and they soon find a docile fat man who doesn't mind when they draw his blood. 

With Emily's assistance, the Winchesters find the Alpha's estate. Soon after, they check into a hotel and leave Emily behind for safe keeping. Dean also puts Bobby's flask in the room safe to keep his spirit from accompanying them. But when the Winchesters leave, Bobby sees Emily call the Alpha and tell him that she's sending him a present before she leaves. Back at the estate, Sam questions their strategy of just breaking into the lair during the day when they are suddenly grabbed by the vampires. Back at the hotel, Bobby becomes enraged when another interview with Dick Roman airs on TV.

As Bobby's anger begins to trigger violent reactions in the hotel room, a maid named Louise (Larissa Gomes) enters and quickly tries to flee when Bobby appears to her. However, Bobby possesses Louise's body and he reclaims the flask from the safe before leaving. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are disarmed and brought before the Alpha himself, with Emily gleefully by his side. The Winchesters try to explain that the Leviathans are poisoning the humans for all other monsters intentionally and why they need his blood to kill Dick. However, the Alpha insists that he made an alliance with Dick months ago.

A ten year old kid named Allan (Austin Middleton) enters and tells his master that Edgar is there to see him. The Alpha orders his men to lock the Winchesters in his study while he speaks with Edgar. As the Alpha and Edgar talk, Sam and Dean escape the study and use the potent blood they drew earlier from the fat man to kill one of the Alpha's vampires. Meanwhile, the Alpha keeps pushing Edgar on the adverse affects of Dick's corn syrup before Edgar finally admits that the Leviathans intend to wipe out all other monsters to feast on humanity by themselves. Edgar attacks the Alpha and gets the upper hand until Sam and Dean arrive and decapitate Edgar.

In gratitude, the Alpha allows the brothers to leave with his blood. But they insist that Allan be allowed to leave with them. Dean and the Alpha also acknowledge that they will look forward to trying to kill each other again. Back at the hotel, Sam and Dean find Bobby and the flask gone and no way to find him. They decide that they have no choice but to continue the plan with Crowley as their only reliable ally against Dick. But at that moment, Dick summons Crowley to his office and places him in a large devil's trap. 


One of the main reasons that the Leviathans have largely failed as the main villains of "Supernatural" season seven is that the audience is constantly being told how evil and powerful they are, but we rarely see evidence of that on the show itself. In fact, the Leviathans' endgame of turning humanity into docile cattle is shockingly… pedestrian. Not every season of "Supernatural" needs to be about a world-shattering threat, but I just can't take the Leviathans seriously.

There were a couple of moments with Dick Roman that actually worked, like his slip on live TV about making Americans tasting better and the cheerful way he transitioned from bribing Kevin to threatening his mom. Roman's trap for Crowley at the end was also one of the more clever moves that the Leviathans have made since they debuted on this show.

Sam and Dean also had a few decent comedic scenes in which Dean protested the "rabbit food" he had to eat and when the brothers drew blood from the fat man on the bus bench. However, the attempts to make the Leviathans' plans into a commentary on American consumerism are falling flat. The analogies just aren't clever or funny enough to give the ideas any meaningful impact.

The overuse of the Leviathans has gotten to the point that it was a relief to see Crowley and the Alpha Vampire just to get some variety from the monsters on this show. Mark Sheppard was amusing as ever, but if the writers want to position Crowley as next year's main threat (per Meg's prediction last week) than Crowley has to stop being trapped so easily by anyone who summons him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Crowley supposed to be the King of Hell? It must be hard to be King when any loser can drag you away from your kingdom at any time.

Bobby's continuing decent into full vengeful ghost mode had some of the more intriguing moments of the episode, particularly in the pale and gaunt appearance of Jim Beaver. Bobby's possession of the maid also opened up some new possibilities for him. But it's hard to see how the writers can keep ghost Bobby fresh when they're already playing fast and loose with the rules they established for his haunting. How exactly was Bobby able to scout the vampire house before Sam and Dean (and the haunted flask) even left the car? And for that matter, why are Sam and Dean convinced that Bobby can't tell that they're talking about him when they deliberately leave the flask behind? They're the "idjits," not him.

More than anything else, I'm just relieved that the Leviathans storyline is wrapping up so that "Supernatural" can move on to something new. Assuming of course that the writers don't decide to string out the story into next season with a cliffhanger…