‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale Preview: Leonard Nimoy on The Return of William Bell

The sci-fi icon explains why he broke his self-imposed retirement and how Bell has changed since his last appearance.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Two years ago, Leonard Nimoy announced that he was retiring from on-camera acting after a storied 60 year career in film and television, including his legendary turn as Spock on "Star Trek" and the subsequent motion pictures.

Nimoy's final role on TV was the enigmatic William Bell on "Fringe," a former partner of Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) who heroically sacrificed himself to allow the Fringe team to escape the alternate universe in the second season finale. However, last Friday's episode revealed that Bell was alive in this new timeline and that he was the true power behind the plan to collapse the two universes into a new universe under his control.

In a newly released preview video from Fox, Nimoy talks about why he decided to come back to "Fringe" and he delves into Bell's new motivations alongside series regulars John Noble, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick.



The fourth season of "Fringe" ends tomorrow night at 9pm on Fox. An extended trailer for the season finale was released earlier this week.

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