For Your Viewing Pleasure: NBA Dancers

In celebration of the 12 teams still alive in the NBA playoffs, we take a look at each club's hottest dancers.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

With some of these teams on the brink of elimination, you better strike while the iron is still hot; you might not see many of these girls until next fall. For a few lucky fans, well, they'll get to gander at their favorite dancers until the end of June. Regardless, what guy doesn't like a little 'cheerleader' break from time to time. Even better: it's SFW. Unless of course you work inside a temple. That would just be weird.

Chicago Luvabulls

Photo Credit: Mark Halmas/Icon SMI

Da' Bulls are down 3-2 to Philly in the first round. With Derrick Rose out for good, Chicago will deserve a lot of extra 'luv' if they pull off a series win without their MVP.

Heat Dancers

Photo: AP

Queue Glen Frey. The Heat really is 'on' in Miami. Watch for these girls down the stretch.

Sixers Dancers

Photo Credit: AP

The Sixers are red hot. Their dancer's hair above is red hot. Now we'll see if they can finish off Chicago and sneak into the second round…red hot.


Photo Credit: AP

Cute name. She actually appears to be 'cheerleading' rather than dancing. Doesn't matter. Dance, twist, shout or cheer, the Pacers have a lot to get excited about now that they're in the Eastern Conference semis.

Cetics Dancers

Photo Credit: Mark Halmas/Icon SMI

Salute! The Celtics have a lot respect back after the play of Rajon Rondo as of late. They're up 3-2 against Atlanta and could make a deep run.

A-Town Dancers

Photo Credit: AP

I'm from A-town too… Arthur, IL. Not the same one?… Makes sense. If my 'A-town' cheerleaders looked like these Atlanta Hawks dancers I can promise you we would have had a higher attendance at our basketball games. Atlanta is trying to survive a 2-3 deficit to Boston.

Thunder Girls

Photo Credit: Icon SMI

The thunder is just getting started. This cumulonimbus cloud (yes, I took Meteorology at one time) is going to keep building with Kevin Durant leading the way. These girls will be around awhile. Enjoy.

Nuggets Dancers

Photo Credit: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

Denver is in a 2-3 hole to the Lakers. You might only have one more game to see this lovely lady.

Laker Girls

Photo Credit: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

Kobe will never look this good in purple and gold… The Lakers might get bounced in the next round, but good news; I hear the Laker Girls can be hired for parties.

Grizz Girls

Photo Credit: AP

This 'Grizz Girl' is taking cover from 'Lob City.' Memphis is down 2-3 to the Clips and could see an early exit.

Silver Dancers

Photo Credit: AP

Normally I would be terrified hearing the phrase 'silver dancer,' but hey, there are exceptions to every rule. The Spurs may be criticized as being too old, but they haven't been playing like it… and their cheerleaders evidently haven't either.

Clippers Spirit Dance Team

Photo Credit: AP

The year when the L.A. Clippers have the hotter dance team and go further in the playoffs than the L.A. Lakers? Take a breath and watch for pigs in the sky — it's 2012. The Clips should close out Memphis soon and could reach the Western Conference finals with a series win over San Antonio. If that happens, the networks need to seriously considering airing timeouts… with the cameras pointing towards the dancers on-court, of course.

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