The Gayiest Videos on the Internet

Obama says Gay’s ok – so let’s get it going!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


Merely Days after North Carolina banned gay marriage, President Obama was like “Hell no!” and told the world he was totally cool with Same Sex Marriage. Then he was all ‘U Mad?’ – best troll ever!


So in honor of the president’s awesomeness, we’ve assembled this list of the Gayiest videos on the internet! In no particular order


NSP – If We Were Gay


OK let’s start this list right, with my favorite musical sketch duo, Ninja Sex Party as they take a hypothetical trip (on a rainbow journey) in to the world of being gay.


If We Were Gay

Oddly while tracking down that video I came across this similarly titled video, and though… why not. Which is pretty much what the guys in this video are saying.


Sh*t Girls Say to Gay Guys

One of the most popular video trends of late is the whole ‘Sh*t blank say to blank’, so lets check out one of the most popular of the gay videos in that series.


Disappointing Gay Best Friend – IT GETS BETTER


You remember all those ‘It Gets Better’ videos? Well I guess this was what they were talking about, the Obama thing, not this video. It got Better! Though these really short videos, themselves get better as well, the more you watch of them. Great series




Though no gay series is nearly as good as this epic creation from Second City, featuring my buddy (and for real Gay guy) Brian Gallivan. You so crazy Ophilia!



And finally here’s the king of youtube, being totally gay.


So go to west Hollywood and get your gay on, cause it’s A-O-gay… I mean K.. a ok. What the hell was that.


We started with some gay Ninja action, so let’s bookend this sucker with more of the same!


"Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy" – Competition/Festival Entry