Funny Pages – Mating Season

From roommates to classmates it’s time for your daily video checkmate

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s videos take you from the classroom pranks to national news prank, amazing bikini clad ninja friends to two boobs messing with a tractor beam and finally the most epic of craiglist postings. Get your daily videos… NOW!


Dailymotion  – Classroom Slap Prank (link)

You remember the story of the Good Semeritan? Well that’s what you get for sitting ideally by… and for being fat.


Break  – Trolling The Weather Girl (link)

Remember the story of the hot Latin chick? It has a horrible ending. Oh wait that was Seinfeld.


Podpocalypse – Ninja Sex Party Theme Song (link)

Always awesome with the laughs and the spandex, it’s the guys from Ninja Sex Party, this time featuring the internets most popular viral video cleavage from Lauren Francesca.


College Humor – Tractor Beam (link)

Yay Troopers is back with a new episode. Fantastico.


Funny Or Die – The Best of Craigslist Vol. 4: Best. Roommate. Ever. (link)

Speaking of things that are back, it’s the best of Craigslist with real craiglist posts turned into awesome videos.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get you post on.

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