‘Putin’ on the Moves For Russia

[Video] Russian President Vladimir Putin makes national headlines for his hockey skills, hours after being reelected.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

Vladimir Putin has been in the spotlight after being sworn into his third term as the President of Russia, which has made him the longest-serving leader of the country since Joseph Stalin during the World War II days. But Putin is making headlines all over Russia this week for a different reason; this time for his skills with a puck.

Putin took part in an exhibition game which featured an amateur hockey team taking on a group of some of Russia’s most legendary hockey players. Many were shocked that Putin even took part in the event, as he was sworn in to office just hours before, but it might just have been his way of celebrating – and celebrate he did!

Putin set up the game-tying goal and then managed to score the game-winning goal in a shoot out. He was certainly the most impressive amateur player on the ice; but is the fix in?

After Putin did his best Evgeni Malkin impersonation, the crowd can be heard crying out that it was staged, though no one involved with the event has made it clear. See for yourself: On his very first shift, Putin nearly scored, but it wasn’t until later in the contest that he set up a goal that eventually gave him a chance to prove what he can do in the shootout.

His shootout technique certainly wasn’t Alexander Ovechkin-like, but it got the job done and proved that he knows how to shoot a backhanded wrist shot.

Politics aside, it is pretty impressive that the most powerful man of a country can lace up the boots and score a backhanded game-winning goal just hours after being reelected for a third term. Your move Obama.