Prototype 2 DLC Releases Today

Activision lays out downloadable content strategy for their open-world destruction simulator.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


If you’ve been enjoying Prototype 2, then you’ll be pumped to hear new downloadable content for the title releases today, May 6. Activision announced the “Colossal Mayhem” DLC pack, which is available now on the Xbox 360 marketplace for 400 MS Points and PlayStation Store for $4.99 (it’s free if you bought the Blackwatch Collector’s Edition of the game).

The Colossal Mayhem pack brings with it a new weapon, new force multiplier powers and character skins. Here’s the full list of content, courtesy of Activision:

Colossal Mayhem Pack

Thermobaric Boom-Stick

Force Multiplier Powers:

  • Warp Vortex
  • Anti Gravity Field
  • Air Time

Custom Skins:

  • Heller Test Subject
  • Infected Heller
  • Infantry Heller

In addition to the Colossal Mayhem pack, Activision has also announced Prototype 2’s second DLC pack, which will release on May 29. The second expansion is being called the “Excessive Force” DLC, and it follows in the same vein as the first – new weapon, force multipliers and costumes. This second DLC pack will also cost 400 MS Points for Xbox 360 and $4.99 for PlayStation 3.

Excessive Force Pack

Viral Infector Grenade Launcher

Force Multiplier Powers:

  • Shockwave
  • Chaos Creator Mode
  • Medusa's Wrath

Custom Skins:

  • Armored Heller
  • Agile Armor Alex Mercer
  • Zombie Mercer

So, will you be picking up any/all of Prototype 2’s downloadable content? Let us know in the comments below.