David Tennant in Talks for Fast Six?

Everyone's favorite Time Lord could sign on to make everything all wibbly-wobbly, drivey-wivey.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


If you had told us a little over a year ago that Fast Six would be one of our most highly anticipated movies, we'd have hit you with our cars. But Fast Five shocked audiences and critics alike by being actually rather good, and with rumors that everyone from Jason Statham to Gina Carano could be on board for Justin Lin's next sequel, it sounds like the film could be an action geekout ready to happen. But today's news seems to indicate that Fast Six an actual geekout: Doctor Who himself, David Tennant, is in talks to appear in the sequel according to Latino Review.

Obviously this belongs in the rumor mill, but Latino Review has a pretty decent track record with this sort of thing. It's impossible to speculate on who the Tenth Doctor might play in the film, since it's not based on any pre-existing story (that we know of), but it's safe to say that he probably won't be punching The Rock through any walls. He strikes us as the "government spook" type, or possibly a politician, but this could go in any direction. It certainly seems like a wise career move for Tennant, whose last big attempt at transitioning to the silver screen, Fright Night, tanked at the box office despite being surprisingly entertaining for a horror remake (and despite Tennant being excellent in it).

And be honest, you just want to see Tennant get behind the wheel of a supercharged race car and yell, "Allons-y!" Don't you?

CraveOnline will be back with more Fast Six news after we lament the failure of our title suggestion, Six Fast Six Furious, to catch on.