Six Epic Avengers Spoof Videos

Get your Venge on videos!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Being the biggest opening in history, it’s not surprise the internet would open up a million Avengers spoof videos, from a boy band music video, to casting in a new direction for the impending reboot. Here are’s a collection of the best Avengers videos out there.

Also as many Hot Black Widow girls as I could find.


Avengers Assemble! One Direction Parody of What Makes You

The Screen Team takes off with Angie Griffin setting the bar on the busty, leggy hotness chart for Black Widow.


And oh snap, Andre Meadows as Nick Fury! WTF!? Go Black Nerd.


The Avengers Boy Band – Music Video [Parody]


IGN brings out the hottest Black Widow they could find in Naomi Kyle, oh and there’s some guys singing about something… but really we all know why we’re here.


Marvel's The Avengers (on a budget)


Table 8 presents "Marvel's The Avengers (on a budget)", released back in April, is stunningly amazing just how accurate this video was in foreseeing the feature… oh and I’m totally stoned right now. On drugs, and mushroom drugs.


Too Many Avengers

In this sexy animation, the Avengers Get On, getting on… also, Super Grover joins the team! We’re saved!!! Yay


Avengers Assemble! Episode 1: Healthcare


People have been making Avengers fan films for a while, this fan web series goes back to 2010.


The Revengers Downsize — (Avengers Parody)


If you said to yourself “Man I wish there were more Avengers board room videos”, then here you go.


Batman Auditions for The Avengers


Can the two biggest super hero franchises team up?