Geoff Stults & Michael Clarke Duncan on ‘The Finder’

The stars of Fox's drama tell us about their show and how Duncan blew his chance to be on "24."

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

If you watch "Bones" then you’ve probably already seen "The Finder." After debuting on "Bones" as a backdoor pilot, "The Finder" debuted earlier this year as defacto spinoff series.

Geoff Stults plays Walter Sherman, a man with a gift for locating lost items and Michael Clarke Duncan is his close friend and muscle, Leo Knox. Fox presented "The Finder" to the Television Critics Association and after the panel, I went up to Duncan and Stults to ask some questions. They riffed for a while and Duncan revealed that he is obsessed with trailers.


CraveOnline: How did it feel to lie down on a runway in the pilot?

Geoff Stults: Isn’t that kind of fun? It was a trip. That was in the middle of the Everglades and people were saying they saw alligators running around on it. It was actually built as an emergency landing strip for the shuttle so it was extra long and it was super wide. It was a trip just to lay down there and do that thing.

CraveOnline: Did you feel the history when you were on the ground?

Geoff Stults: You just feel kind of exposed because it’s the middle of nowhere. I liked it, it was a fun thing. And what I did too, at lunch I stole one of the picture cars, the Porsche. It was a mile runway and in a mile I saw how fast I could get it going and I think I was up to 120. They weren’t happy about it but I had a great time.

CraveOnline: What were your favorite objects to find?

Geoff Stults: That’s the great thing about the show is we can find anything and go anywhere. We’ve found a sweaty pair of socks. I’ve found a serial killer, I’ve found Cinderella, I’ve found lost record tracks. It’s been all across the board so every new episode is fun. This voodoo doll we’re doing right now, it’s been great.

CraveOnline: How important was doing the episode of "Bones" to introduce "The Finder"?

Michael Clarke Duncan: I just like hanging around David Boreanaz’s trailer. His trailer’s humongous. Ours are like VWs. His is like a Bentley on steroids. It is huge, it is nice and we just go there and rub it. We rub his trailer and we creepily stand outside and go, like, “One day…”

Geoff Stults: Then they call the "Bones" security and we go, “Oh sh**, go, go, go, go.”

Michael Clarke Duncan: No, it was important. David Boreanaz is actually a very good director and he directed one of our episodes. Excellent director, knew exactly what he wanted. We never had long days with David. He was great, he knew exactly what he wanted and he’s a fantastic director.

Geoff Stults: As far as the importance of doing "Bones," we joke around but all kidding aside, we refer to "Bones" as varsity and we are JV. We are born from "Bones." We’re not "Bones." I think part of the reason that we’re not "Bones" is the actors on "The Finder" aren’t smart enough to say the words that the actors on "Bones" have to say. It’s too much so we have to fill it up with some action so we don’t have to talk as much.

Michael Clarke Duncan: But you know what, if you think about it, if "Bones" does not come back, where those trailers go? We get the trailers.

Geoff Stults: Why move ‘em? We can just push them on over into our slots.

Michael Clarke Duncan: That’s right. If they don’t come back they’ve gotta do something with those two trailers. I got David’s. I like his.

CraveOnline: Would "The Finder" make a good crossover with "Touch"? You could help Kiefer find some of the people he’s looking for.

Geoff Stults: Hey, whatever to do with Kiefer I’ll do it. First of all, I keep having to shoot this down because he wants to do it so badly. He wants to do a crossover with "Glee" because he wants to do singing and dancing.

Michael Clarke Duncan: I want to do a solo song and dance.

Geoff Stults: This guy can dance. For a big man, he can move. Free to the foot is what we like to call him.

Michael Clarke Duncan: I think I’d do pretty good on "Glee" singing.

Geoff Stults: Hell yeah, you’ve got a good voice.

Michael Clarke Duncan: I know.

CraveOnline: Michael you’ve been saying for years you wanted to do television, but you wanted to do "24." How did that not happen? Can’t your agent just say, “We have an Oscar nominated actor who wants to do your show?”

Michael Clarke Duncan: I’ll tell you, I blew "24." I blew that. I went over to have a meeting with the guys, [Howard] Gordon and those guys and on the inside I’m saying, “God, this is CTU!” but outside I’m being cool.

Geoff Stults: He’s pretending like he didn’t want it. No, I’m good.

Michael Clarke Duncan: Yeah, but all of a sudden a white van pulls up and to me Jack Bauer got out. It was Kiefer Sutherland but to me I saw Jack Bauer getting out and I reached over to him and grabbed his hand and just kept shaking it like this.

I said, “Boy, I cannot wait to work with you. Remember when you shot Roger Cross? He’s a friend of mine. We play in an e-league together.” I went through all this stuff and he just was staring at me. On the inside I’m thinking, “Calm down, Michael.”

Geoff Stults: Creep, creep.

Michael Clarke Duncan: After that I never heard from the people from "24" and then it went off the air.

Geoff Stults: That makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing that with me.

CraveOnline: How long was the process of looking for a series for yourself?

Michael Clarke Duncan: I wanted to do one with Geoff. He called me and begged me. He was unemployed. He was homeless out on the street and he was camping in front of my house.

Geoff Stults: I was living in a box. That’s the truth on that one.

Michael Clarke Duncan: So I just did it for him. I didn’t want to do it. It was all for him.

Geoff Stults: That’s a true story. Okay, we’ve got a couple questions for you guys. What kind of batteries are in them remotes?

CraveOnline: AAAs.

Geoff Stults: All right, good.