Occupy Wall Street 2 Possible Movie Posters!

Where's the franchise going next? We have some ideas...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Last year's summer blockbuster that was "Occupy Wall Street" has left fans wondering — what's in store for the sequel? Well, we here at CRAVE ONLINE have gotten in touch with some of the people from OWS's publicity department and have the skinny on where the franchise may lead.

We all remember last year's smash hit:


But we all know that "Bigger is Better," and with the foreign market's love of all things "actiony" we're thinking the OWS studio may lead us into the big budget Michael Bay-esque world. Here's a possiblity:



That's not to say that the hit-or-miss world of RomComs is out of possiblity. Insiders have reported that both Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl have been tapped to possibly star:


But who really knows. Great summer comedies like "The Hangover" and "The Dictator" could be the next big money maker this coming summer. And, while we're at it — let's get two stars with proven chemisty:


And lastly, ZOMBIES are HUGE right now. It's quite possible the studios would want to cash in on this hooplah before it becomes stale. And with a sure-fire money-maker like WORLD WAR Z on the horizon, this feature seems more than likely: 


Stay tuned to CRAVE from any more awesome Occupy Sequel News!