Brad Bird’s Next Film is the Super-Secret ‘1952’

The director of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will film Damon Lindelof's new, highly classified screenplay.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


After the knockout success of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, it seemed like director Brad Bird would have everyone in Hollywood banging on his door to helm their next big films. But it looks like he's staying close to home. Bird will next be working with Damon Lindelof, frequent collaborator of J.J. Abrams (who produced Ghost Protocol), on a project titled 1952. We're pretty sure that's not to be confused with 1906, the film Bird has long been developing about the San Francisco earthquake.

Deadline reports that 1952 is a closely guarded secret at Disney, who paid Prometheus writer Lindelof to write it last year. It's pointless to speculate, but also really, really fun, so let's take a look at some of the events that actually occurred in 1952 to see if anything jumps out as a possible tentpole release.

February 7 – Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queen of the United Kingdom. Sounds like Oscar bait to us, but not a tentpole.

February 26 – The USS Wasp aircraft carrier collides with the USS Hobson Destroyer, killing 175 people. Could be a triumph of the human spirit.

February 28 – The "I Love Lucy" episode "The Marriage License" becomes the first television show to be watched by over 10,000,000 viewers in a single night. A Hollywood biopic/farce about the iconic series? Sounds horrible. Let's hope that's not it.

July 19-26 – UFO's allegedly fly over Washington D.C., leading jet fighters to investigate. The UFOs reportedly took evasive action, but returned after the jets left the area. Now that sounds like a Damon Lindelof script.

October 16 – Charlie Chaplin is effectively deported by J. Edgar Hoover, who revoked the famed filmmaker's transit papers while Chaplin was at a premiere of his motion picture Limelight in London. Good drama there, but while the motion picture Chaplin is already 20 years old, it already covered the material before.

November 1 – The first Hydrogen Bomb is successfully tested in the central Pacific Ocean. Maybe Disney's going after their own Godzilla type of franchise?

December 4 – "The Great Smog" strikes London, causing as many as 12,000 deaths from respiratory complications. Spooky, creepy stuff, but is that the sort of thing Brad Bird is into? And unless they come up with some kind of dramatic conspiracy behind it, is something this depressing a potential tentpole film?

Assuming "1952" refers to the date, and not something else, it would seem that the UFO concept is most rife with summer blockbuster potential, doesn't it? What do you think? Did we miss anything?

CraveOnline will be back with more 1952 news after we celebrate Leonid Khachiyan's birthday.