Michael Bay Brings ‘Treasure Island’ Prequel Series To Starz

"Black Sails" will chronicle the early days Long John Silver and Captain Flint.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last year, "The Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Herd signed a deal to bring the pirate drama, "Port Royal" to FX. But now there's going to be a competing series on Starz with one of the most infamous fictional pirates of all time: Long John Silver.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Starz has made a straight-to-series order for "Black Sails," a new eight episode pirate series from Michael Bay and Jon Steinberg ("Jericho"). Loosely inspired by Robert Lewis Stevenson's classic novel, "Treasure Island," "Black Sails" will take place twenty years before the book and it will focus on a younger John Silver and Captain Flint, a legendary pirate who had died by the events of "Treasure Island."

The early describtion for "Black Sails" describes the series as Flint and Silver's fight for survival on New Providence Island as they contend with other pirates, thieves, treasure hunters and prostitutes.

"I'm excited to branch out into television, especially doing a longform series for Starz, a network known for supporting cutting-edge programming," said Bay in a statement. "Black Sails" will be Bay's first TV series project."Black Sails" was created by Steinberg and he will be the showrunner and executive producer alongside Bay.

This isn't the first time that Stevenson's "Treasure Island" has been brought to television, although the majority of the adaptations either stick to the events of the novel or took place afterwards like "Return to Treasure Island" (pictured above). 

"Black Sails" is expected to debut on Starz in 2014.