Half-Life 3 Announcement at E3? Keep Dreamin’

Valve is keeping to themselves at this year's trade show.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Here I am choosing to report on non-news. Oh, boy.

Valve has confirmed to multiple gaming news outlets that they will not be debuting any new titles at this year’s E3 event in June. That’s right, folks, you won’t be hearing about Half-Life 2: Episode 3, or Half-Life 3 proper, or anything else Half-Life related.

To be clear: no Half-Life news.

You also won’t be hearing about the “Steam Box,” Valve’s rumored console in development.

Valve will be attending E3, but it’s mostly for the giggles (our words, not theirs). Valve will be keeping to themselves while they continue to work on Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive behind the scenes.

Half-Life fans, at this point do you ever think Valve will announce a new game in their celebrated sci-fi franchise? The last time we saw anything Half-Life related release was in 2007 with The Orange Box. That’s so long ago