The Cinco De Mayo Party Package

Cinco De Mayo Videos help you party hard!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

It’s party time down here in Margaretville, so let’s get ready for celebration town with some epic videos of previous May’s past, Cinco De Mayo debauchery and other weird drunk mayhem!


The Cinco De Mayo Song

Let’s get started with the theme song for this epic holiday that celebrates the … um.. freedom to drink too much beer.


Funny Lady on Cinco de Mayo

Be warned my friends that Cinco De Mayo is a serious holiday not to be taken lightly or you could end up like this… on  a portable golfers green, with a man in a Hawaiian shirt and a hat.. on the internet.



The History of Cinco de Mayo

If you honestly have no idea what this is all about, our friends over at 5 second films have a quick history lesson for you to catch you up on just what the big deal is that leads so many people to drink every May 5th…  this video is 100% researched and fully accurate, or my name is Arrogant Bastard!


Finally all you need to know now is just how to celebrate this glorious holiday my friends.  Thankfully the gang over at eHow has it figured out.


Wait, what the fudgertonway?! That was way too serious. THIS is how to celebreate Cinco De Mayo:


And there you have it, now go kick some donkey ass! And feast on it’s gooey innards!

One more song – O ley!