8 Cats Playing With Action Figures

Cats are nerds.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Whereas human action figure collectors want their toys to stay in the box and in mint condition, cat action figure collectors want to either chew on the toys or allow them to be placed on their fuzzy bodies. The toys cats “collect” are usually worth a lot less, but cats have way more fun with them, or so we will assume. Here are 8 cats playing with action figures:


Star Trek

This life iz cuter. [via]


Resident Evil

More like Resident Adorable.


Star Wars

Vader should join the Soft Side. [via]



Autobots, roll out your bellies!



He ate the whole team, like so many Cracker Jacks. [via]


My Little Pony

Friendship Is Minions. [via]


Hot Wheels

Some of those fleas have nice rides. [via]


Dead Toy

And that’s why this cat is Woody’s “Enemy #1.” [via]


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