LittleBigPlanet Karting Hands-on

Another Mario Kart rip-off? Not so fast, my friends!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


While I, like many PlayStation fans, admittedly thought to myself “Oh great, another karting game ripping off Nintendo” when I first heard about LittleBigPlanet Karting, I could not have been more wrong about the newest adaptation of the LBP franchise.

Though on the surface, LBPK is a standard karting game experience — including multiple racetracks and battle maps — LBPK brings the fully customizable world of Sackboy to the table to give players a completely personalized racing experience.


Like other LBP games, the Pod is your main hub for the game. Accessing all the maps, game modes, and customizable options available to your character is done from here.

Character creation options are just as customizable as any other LBP game, with the kart-specific options being just as deep, if not deeper. Kart parts, wheels, chassis, seats, steering wheels, EVERYTHING that has to do with your kart’s appearance is completely up to you. As players participate in battles and races, they gain new levels for their racers, and new levels unlock more options for characters and karts.

When on the racetrack, there are many Weaponators available for racers. From seeking/straight missiles to rocket boosts, an autopilot function that turns your kart into a giant boxing glove and even slap-fighting, Weaponators can turn the tides of any match. Some Weaponators even have the ability to be fired behind racers to protect them from an incoming missile attack.


Racing environments are fully interactive and the smallest details on the track can become the difference between victory and defeat. A few tracks have even incorporated the famous grapple sponge in order for racers to traverse wide gaps and at times find secret paths on the racetrack.

Lastly, just like previous LBP titles, a full Levelator will be available for all you creative gamers out there. The Levelator will give players full track customization options including which Weaponators will be available. If it’s on one of the original game tracks, it’s available in the Levelator. Created levels will also be sharable and downloadable on the Playstation Network.