‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ vs. The Incredible Hulk Video Clip

The new Disney XD animated series brings on the Jade Giant to tangle with Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Stan Lee. Yes.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Ultimate Spider-Man

If you haven't been watching Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that airs before the great Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you've been missing some goofy fun-time hero adventures. Peter Parker's in high school with his fellow SHIELD trainees Iron Fist, Power Man, White Tiger and Nova, not to mention Mary Jane Watson, Flash Thompson and an oddball janitor who looks and sounds an awful lot like Stan Lee.

In this weekend's episode, aspiring journalist MJ gets an interview with Spider-Man only to find her story blow up into something more than she bargained for when Ol' Jade Jaws, Ol' Green Genes, The Incredible Hulk smashes his way into town. TV Guide is sporting some quotes from the folks behind the scenes at Man of Action Studios, which you can read right here – and you can watch the clip below, complete with rampant destruction, snarky bon mots and Smilin' Stan being his ever-lovin' goofy self.