Three Companies with A+ Perks

$50 co-pays have nothing on these 3 companies

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

The work life culture of Silicon Valley companies are the stuff of legend. Koombayah moments shared in conference room recliner chairs, fully stacked kitchens, and other perks contribute strongly to Silicon's grassroots work culture. What are these perks? Here are three powerhouses and their most popular perks.


Google's Life "Concierge"

Search engine giant Google is famously known for its benefits package. Sleek black luxury buses with free rides usher thousands of Google employees every day. Free breakfast, lunch, and dinners are offered in sprawling megaplex cafeterias with professional chefs. Full service gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms (with discounted massages), swimming pools, and babysitting services are also included. Perks are so expansive, several "People Operations" professionals are on call to devote themselves to Googlers. All in the name of increasing productivity and giving employees more reasons not to go home.



Unlimited PTO, or part time off, is just what it sounds now. No 3 weeks of vacation a year constraints. Simply take vacation when you and your manager agree is an appropriate time. Not a bad policy for a country that has one of the least favorite work life balance rations with more hours per work year. However, this policy may explain Netflix's dwindling new release catalog!


Boston Consulting Group

Although not a Silicon Valley company, this firm's health program may be the best in the country. $5 co pays for hospital visits and 100% coverage on fertility treatments helped land BCG a spot on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work for list. With most companies subsidizing, but not covering all, of an employees health care benefits, BCG does it right.