Retro Versions of Today’s Biggest Websites

What if Facebook and YouTube had been invented in the 90s?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

A lot of technology that fascinated us way back when is pretty shitty by today’s standards. I remember having one of the first webcams and it was black & white, but you could make it “color” with a color gel and a $45 shareware program. So worth it! From the YouTube comedy group Squirrel Monkey, here’s what today’s biggest websites would have looked like in the 80’s and 90’s:


What if YouTube was invented in the 90’s?

“Chocolate Rain” can be stored on just 11 floppy discs!


What if Facebook was invented in the 90’s?

Can’t we shorten the phrase “digital friends” to “digifriends?”


What if Google was invented in the 80’s?

I hear the Miami Vice BBS is pretty bodacious.


What if Twitter was invented in the 80’s?

I hope Angela Bower follows me back. She’s too good for @TonyMicelli.


Bonus: What if DrawSomething and Angry Birds were old PC games?

A solid 10 minutes of fun would’ve been had.


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