Exclusive Clip: Samuel L. Jackson and Luke Wilson in ‘Meeting Evil’

Jackson takes the mild-mannered Wilson on a murder spree that changes his life. See how it all begins.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


"She kept stuffing donuts down her blabberbox. It looked like she'd been locked in a donut shop her whole life."

Luke Wilson probably shouldn't have let Samuel L. Jackson talk him into it. In Meeting Evil, Wilson plays John Felton, a downtrodden family man and recently fired realtor who gives a stranger (Jackson) a ride in his car, setting off a maniacal murder spree that forces John to confront everything he thought he understood about the nature of evil. The film, directed by Chris Fisher (S. Darko), which also stars Leslie Bibb, is on Video on Demand now, and will receive a theatrical release on May 4, opposite some other Samuel L. Jackson movie. (You know, the one about avenging, or something like that.)