‘Flashpoint’ Animated Feature Film? Oh, Dear.

A confused Kevin Conroy's offhand remark sparks an internet rumorstorm and fills comic fans with dread.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Flashpoint #5

This is how the rumor-mill gets its grist.

Kevin Conroy, longtime voice of Batman in the DC animated universe of films and television, was asked about his next project. The quote was thus:

"Oh I just, just last night, I recording a new animated movie…that features The Flash, it's more about The Flash, but Batman is in it as well. It's a Flash…Flashpoint! Flashpoint? I think it's Flashpoint."

Oh, god, really?

Well, maybe not really, as it was obvious Conroy wasn't 100% solid on the name. It's also possible that they're just using the name for some other Flash-related animated film, because the actual story of DC's Flashpoint does not seem like it would translate well at all to a non-comics-specific format. Hell, it didn't even translate to comics very well. We were not Flashpoint fans.

For the uninitiated, Flashpoint was the bridge between the DC Universe of old and the current New 52 version of it, and it basically boiled down to the fact that everything changed from what you knew and loved because Barry Allen missed his mom. Sure, an animated version could just focus on the time travel malarkey with Zoom and a weird alternate reality where Aquaman and Wonder Woman were at war, but the story was little more than a means to an end. It doesn't feel like a great idea.

And it may not even be the actual idea. Half-remembered remarks, grain of salt and all.

You can confirm this quote with the video below.