New Jersey Governor’s Unapologetic Message To Departing Nets

[Video] The outspoken Chris Christie makes it clear he's not going to miss the Nets as they leave N.J. for Brooklyn.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Christie addressed the situation on the Nets while speaking at a bill signing on Monday in Newark, making it clear that he hasn't shed any tears over the issue. "Good riddance. See you later," were just a couple of ways the governor decalared his unapologetic view on the team moving into NYC.

Just hours later the Nets lost their final home game in the 'garden state,' a 105-87 loss to the 76ers inside the Prudential Center; the new arena that was built for them and the NHL's Devils in 2007.

Now the Nets will move forward from their 5th consecutive losing season to the brand spankin' new Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Real estate developer Bruce Ratner bought the Nets in 2004 with intentions of moving the team into the city. His plan came into fruition after Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov became majority owner three years ago. Prokhorov has provided most of the cash needed to build the new arena.

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