Exclusive Clip: Behind the Scenes of Haywire

Ewan McGregor takes you on an inside look of the making of Steven Soderbergh's first action movie, starring Gina Carano.

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"Steven was someone whom I almost worked with, but didn't."

Go behind the scenes with this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray release of Haywire, available on May 1st (also on DVD, Video on Demand and Digital Download). Gina Carano stars as a black ops agent whose employers turn against her, forcing her to take the fight back to them. One of those employers is Ewan McGregor, working with director Steven Soderbergh for the first time, who in the above clip from the special feature "The Men of Haywire" talks about his experiences on the shoot. We gave two rave reviews of Haywire here at CraveOnline, and expect you all to check out the film on Blu-ray if you missed it in theaters.