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Want to be facebook buds, these videos do!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Come on aren’t you famous on facebook yet? Maybe watching these videos will help you. If for some reason this doesn’t make you famous instantly over night, my guess is you’re not jerking off enough… or too much, It’s a fine balance between mastery and masturbation.


College Humor – The App App (link)

The App app, an app that tells you if your idea for an app is the next instagram! Though it’s probably not. Ouu what if there was an app that put the funny pages in your vagina!? Brilliant? I know, 4 billion dollars please.


Break  – A Facebook Love Song (link)

To all the sexy ladies on my new timeline, this song is for you. So please don’t install the dislike button app, cause we all know that’s a malware hax!


Dorkly – Hypno's Having Trouble (link)

Coming up later in the show, pokegician the wonder magician and the bearded pokemon lady…. But first Hypno! And remember to tip your waiter or waitress!


Stupid Videos – Tour of My Sitting Spots Where I Contemplate Stupid People (link)

Here’s one of your facebook friends, you’ve probably never met in person.


Funny Or Die – The Bluegrass Brainwash Conspiracy with Ed Helms (link)

Ed Helms shows his true colors in this behind the scenes look at the largest conspiracy known to man, beyond that whole Dolphins thing…. The Bluesgrass conspiracy!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your banjo bangeranging!

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