Win a Spider-Man Comic Signed By Stan Lee!

EPIX is having a free preview with a Marvel Heroes Weekend movie marathon, and you can win a signed comic from Stan The Man!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

You're stoked for The Avengers in movie form, are you not? If you're reading this site, you should be, because it's a kick-ass movie. You have to wait until May 4, though, so if you want to gear up for it, why not check out EPIX this weekend? Starting Friday, April 27, through the 29, the pay-cable channel will be having a free preview weekend "for all subscribers of affiliate partners" during which they'll be having the EPIX Marvel Heroes Weekend, featuring the world television premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger, as well as Thor and Iron Man 2. They'll follow that up with their original documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story – giving us the scoop on the life and times of Stan "The Man" Lee, co-creator of so many of the core characters of the Marvel Universe.

That's where you winning a Spider-Man comic signed by Smilin' Stan comes in.

Not only are the EPIX folks running a #Stanswers triva contest on Twitter (their handle is @EPIXHD) where they're giving away Lee-signed posters and comics, but they're also partnering with Crave Online to give away a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #539, autographed by Stan Lee himself!


Amazing Spider-Man #539

A blurry cell-phone photo of the prize taken by one of Stan Lee's personal entourage!


All you have to do is follow us @CraveBookReport and watch for the tweet announcing this contest there, and then retweet it with the hashtag #CravEpix – and you'll then be entered into the contest to potentially win this lovely book right here, #1716 out of only 5000. Here are the official sweepstakes rules, by the by – all the print that's fit to be fine. The contest will end this Friday, just in time for you to stop watching Twitter and start watching EPIX!

That's the skinny, folks. So check out Marvel movies this weekend on EPIX and don't miss your chance to win Stan Lee's John Hancock… or as he'd probably call it, Stan Lee's Stan Lee. Excelsior!