This Weekend in Gaming: 4.20.2012

Gettin' blazed on video games, son. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The name of the article may have changed, but it’s still the same at heart! Welcome to “This Weekend in Gaming,” where we detail our… wait for it… weekend gaming plans. You would think after five whole days of eating, sleeping and breathing video games here at Crave we would be sick of them and need a break. Not so fast! In actuality, we treat the weekend as a holy grail of potential gaming time. Time where we can sit back sans pants, forget about bills and family and just indulge our borderline unhealthy obsession with video games. 

And that’s precisely what we plan to do. Furthermore, we intend to share our plans with you, dear readers. So enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at what the Crave gaming staff has in store for this weekend (and every weekend henceforth until the end of time!), gaming wise.  

If you feel like sharing what your weekend gaming plans are, sound off in the comments below.

Lastly, we’re adding a new section at the base of this article that will act as a great “Catch Me Up” for those who don’t have the time/energy to follow gaming news on a daily basis. So if you want to know what’s hot in the industry right now, scroll down to the bottom of this article and get educated.

mikeMike White (@theWhitestMike): With my cake day just a mere 48 hours away, I’m dreading the influx of kitten and puppy spam. Some of my family members are driving up from the beach tonight to celebrate early with a visit to a local barcade that just opened up, conveniently named 1984. They have craft brews on tap and an abundant selection of classic arcade titles. I may never leave.

This is a big weekend for gaming for me. I assume something will get pushed off the list. TERA’s open beta weekend started this morning. Diablo 3’s beta stress test is also happening. And even though I got my invite a couple months ago, this is my first opportunity to play with people who weren’t as fortunate as I was.

I still need to log plenty of hours in Tribes: Ascend so I can get a write-up posted for their full release of the game. Not too terribly much should be different from the beta client we played for a while, but I’m looking forward to seeing the new maps and gametypes. Like most free-to-play lobby games, the satisfaction is in the matches themselves and not so much in the larger picture until you get into competitive tiers. I just can’t get enough of the quick matches and freedom to drop in/drop out as you please. This is still me getting over years of “responsibilities and obligations” in an MMORPG guild.

alexAlex Keen (@dbldn): Microsoft launched yet another XBLA game festival for us to all enjoy. We’ve already seen the release of Trials Evolution and I’ll be taking a look at Bloodforge over the weekend. I got the review code yesterday and tried to fire it up but was interrupted by a three-year-old not yet ready for Mature-rated content. So, we stuck with playing more Trials Evolution instead. I’m not sure what to expect from Bloodforge except that the file size is large and the graphics looks pretty decent.

If I get a ton of free time, I still have Mass Effect 3 calling my name. I put my space travels on pause a bit while playing some other games for review recently. I really want to get back to Mass Effect 3, and will be my #2 priority behind Bloodforge. I promise.

Finally, my other time-waster has been Full House Poker. It’s a convenient little competition when I need my brain to shutdown or when my eyes need a rest from nonstop action and explosions. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of people still playing this game and the community really makes games like this come alive.

erikErik Norris (@Regular_Erik): The Witcher 2 is my number one priority this weekend for gaming. I just started the title this past week and am loving it thus far. It seems to strike a perfect balance between open world and focused, allowing me to explore a decent amount while still keeping me on track and headed towards the next story beat. While I enjoy games that let me go and do whatever it is that I want, a good narrative yarn is honestly what keeps me coming back. The Witcher 2 brings that in spades.

Additionally, I really want to revisit Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. I played maybe 30 minutes of the game when it came out a few months ago. I haven’t touched it since due to other games coming in for review. But now that may slate is clean, it might be time to pick back up Alan’s latest thriller adventure and put some decent time into it. If I can break myself from The Witcher 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will get some much-needed attention.

paulPaul Tamburro (@PaulTamburro): It may be difficult to believe but there was a point in my life when I wasn’t the beer-swilling, tree-chopping, emotionally vacant man’s man that I am today. The “forgotten years,” as I like to call them (largely because I was chubby and socially awkward, therefore I like to forget those years existed), contained a rather embarrassing moment wherein I sat in my cousin’s house playing the first Resident Evil and, after witnessing that scene where the zombie dog jumps through the window at you, I quite literally wet myself.

I was young, yet not young enough for it to be acceptable that a video game had caused me to spontaneously urinate, so it is with slight trepidation that I inform you that this weekend I shall be playing the Silent Hill HD Collection. Perhaps it is overconfident of me to assume that me being older will automatically mean that my bladder will be more resilient when faced with a horde of evil disfigured babies, especially considering that my recent voyage into Dead Space 2 involved me turning off my Xbox during its opening stages and banishing it to the very back of my gaming cupboard, but I believe that in order to conquer fear you must face fear itself – in this instance, fear is a collection of HD rendered polygons.

Aside from mentally scarring myself with Silent Hill, I shall also be putting some time into Skullgirls. The gameplay is very deep and I am still learning new things about it, yet it’s also very easy to pick up and enjoy, a huge selling point for a casual fighting game fan such as myself. The art style is beautiful and although there are only a handful of characters (just 8!) they are each memorable in their own way.

I’ve also heard there will be some DLC on its way if it sells well enough that will include male fighters who, if the female fighters’ engorged anatomy is anything to go by, will all have gigantic penises.

joeyJoey Davidson (@JoeyDavidson): Gaming this weekend will be split in three directions for me. Well, crap, four now that I think about it.

First of all, I’ll be playing two Xbox LIVE Arcade titles. I’m trying to complete both Fez and Trials Evolution. Trials is a game of repetition and perfection. I’ve never been this obsessed with clearing goals and times before in my life. Fez, on the other hand, is a title packed with puzzles and tough thinking. Both have me enamored.

I’m also working my way through The Witcher 2 for the Xbox 360. Mikey said this game was crazy good, and now I totally believe him. It’s a real, genuine, intense RPG.

Finally, Diablo 3 is in open beta form! THE NERDS ARE IN ALL THEIR GLORY. I’m probably going to Mike White’s place this to have a little LAN party. Things are gonna get geeky.

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