Dwyane Wade Bans Girlfriend From Front Row

Who she is and why she can't sit too close to her all-star boyfriend while he's on the court.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's standard practice by NBA stars to have loved ones at court-side. The sight of those people act as a driving force for many a player. For Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, however, the days of having his longtime girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, within spitting distance when he plays are over as she is no longer allowed to sit court-side at Heat games.

This is per the request of Wade himself.

Wade laid down the relationship law with Union because, frankly, he was getting tired of hearing her during games. Union, despite her pretty, innocent exterior, is as harsh a heckler as they come; even going to the extent of yelling insults Wade's way, such as screaming 'air ball' when he misses a shot.

The actress appeared on the Conan O'Brien show recently and sheepishly explained that she was no longer allowed to sit at court-side, saying that wade came up to her and said that she has to move back a bit.

"He said we're gonna need you a few rows back 'cause I can hear everything," Gabrielle explained to O'Brien.

Her many vocal zingers are spread around to anyone who catches her eye on either the Heat or opposing teams; but her favorite targets seem to be the referees.

"Recently, like maybe last week, there was an older ref, perhaps it was Dick Bavetta, and I said 'you'll get your Viagra if you just make a call,'" Union said.

A person has to wonder, however, what exactly was the tipping point for Wade to make him relegate her away from the closeness of a court-side seat?

The world may never know that answer, but if I were Wade, I'd place her right behind the opposing team every game. She may be the missing piece to the Heat's championship aspirations.

Photo Credit: Mark Halmas/Icon SMI

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