The Idiot Box – Episode 81

 This week, we take on "Justified," "Bones," "Fringe," "Game of Thrones," "Archer" and more!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

HBO's "Girls": Threat or Menace?

That's the question this week on The Idiot Box, as Blair Marnell (Crave Online's TV Channel Editor) and Sax Carr (Crave Online's Comedy Channel Editor) examine some egregiousness examples of nepotism in HBO's new comedy series before looking on Tom Hanks' potential TV adaptation of "Berlin Noir," Showtime's "The Angry Buddhist," a $50 million "Anger Management" lawsuit, Donald Glover's return to "30 Rock," Robert Kirkman's "Thief of Thieves," "The Flintstones" and some surprising news about the fourth season of "Arrested Development" on Netflix.

Additionally, we review "Castle," "Bones," "Justified," "Archer," "Community," "Fringe" and "Game of Thrones."

Also, if you're going to the Boston Comic Con this weekend, don't miss Sax as he performs on the Comics and Comics live show, Saturday at 4pm! You may hear about it once or twice in this week's episode…



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