Pay What You Want for These Indie Games

The Humble Bundle returnith….

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The folks behind the Indie Humble Bundle are back at it again. This time out their debuting a brand new game from developer Amanita Design, called Botanicula, with the bundle. In Botanicula, you control a "motley band of tree creatures in a journey to save their home from brooding, parasitic invaders."

Picking up the latest Humble Bundle will also net you copies of Machinarium and Samorost 2. Additionally, if you pay more than the average person, which right now is sitting at just over $8 at the time of publishing, you'll also get a copy of Windosill, a charming point-and-click puzzle game from interactive animation studio Vectorpark, and Kooky, a feature-length film with art direction from some of the folks at Amanita Design.

As is the case with all Humble Bundles, you pay what you think this compilation deserves and every release included is DRM free and will work on Windows-based PCs, Mac and Linux. Soundtracks for all the games are included as well. 

Lastly, a portion of your proceeds can be directed to nature conservation efforts so you can feel good about yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Support some indie devs and charity by buying the bundle!